Choc•o•late (noun): a confectionary concoction of delicious delight.


Walden Wonka's Chocolate Factory

How did Willy Wonka make his Wonka Bars? Did you know chocolate is made from the seeds of a fruit? At Chocolate Factory, you will learn about the history of chocolate and how cacao is grown on farms. You will also learn how cacao is turned into chocolate – by making it yourself! We will sort, roast, crack, winnow, and mélange cocoa beans and create our own chocolate. Along the way, you get to taste the process, make some tasty treats, and bring some handmade chocolate home for everyone to try.

WEEK: June 10-14
TIME: 1:00-4:00pm
COST: $140/week
GRADES: 4th-8th


Camp Instructor

sarah babbitz.png

Sara babbitz

Walden School
Extended Day Program Supervisor