Join the digital world of innovation. Design and build your own website!


Digital Design

Venture into the interconnected stratosphere of design and digital knowledge that embodies modern day creativity: website design! In this camp, participants will work in an environment of digital innovation, learning the ropes and practical skills of being a modern-day web and graphic designer. Campers will apply tricks in Photoshop and website design software to build sleek, functional sites of their choice, including hobbies, interests, or even entrepreneurial “business” ideas…it’s an opportunity of limitless possibilities! In addition to fine tuning design skills, campers will explore 3D rendering and animation.

WEEK: June 17-21
TIME: 1:00-4:00pm
COST: $140/week
GRADES: 4th-8th


Camp Instructor

Charlie Raymond.png

Charlie Raymond

Walden School
Director of Technology