Join the resistance! Now recruiting young Padawans to unite against the Empire...


Star Wars Padawan Academy


Welcome Initiates - you are about to take your first step toward becoming a Padawan Learner and understanding the Force. These are troubled times and we need YOU!  Learn the ways of the Jedi and fulfill your destiny during this week of Jedi Training.


Jedi Trials – Follow the path of the Light Side, and learn what it takes to truly become a Jedi.  You and your fellow padawans will work together to complete challenges and to learn the code which guides all Jedi.

Activities and Events - Exploration. We will be exploring the games, customs, crafts and food of the different planets of the Star Wars Universe.  From building Ewok catapults to making Hoth ice cream - each day holds excitement and fun.

WEEK: July 23-27
TIME: 9:00am-4:00pm
COST: $300/week


Camp Instructors

Jennifer Green.png
Amber Korte.png

Jennifer Green

Walden School
4th Grade Teacher


AMber Korte

Walden School
7th-8th Grade Science Teacher • High School Engineering/Robotics