Gadgets • Session: $130/week
June 5 - 9: 9am - 12pm (6 - 14 years old)

Calling Dr. Gadget! Calling Dr. Gadget! We need your help to make gadgets. We will be making wind-driven cars, catapults, truss bridges, telescopes, airplanes and other gizmos. 

Potions • Session: $130/week - FULL
June 12 - 16: 9am - 12pm (6 - 14 years old)

Every aspiring wizard needs to get up to snuff with potions, powders and polymers. Come learn about the mysterious domain of chemistry. There will be color changes, things disappearing, lots of smoke and explosions. You know there had to be explosions.

The Science "Potions" session is full but you might still have an opportunity to enroll! Please email Camp Director Johnpaul McLean or click here to join the waitlist. We'll contact you if session space becomes available.

Far Out Space Camp • Session: $130/week
June 19 - 23: 9am - 12pm (6 - 14 years old)

Do you want to reach for the stars? Come join Walden on a series of adventures that will take us skywards. Rockets, rovers, robots and such will be made and experimented with.

Tinker Toy Invention Convention • Session: $130/week
June 26 - 30: 9am - 12pm (6 - 14 years old)

"Building things, builds us." Come join Mr. Webb and his tinker toys as we build bridges, barometers, bicycles and a myriad of other things.



Gary Webb
Walden Middle School Science Instructor